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Spot#1: Teen girl as victim script
girl: Pssst...
SFX: Whispering
girl: Just look at what she's got on
boy: what a loser she is
SFX: Taunting laughter
mom: Go to your room and stay there!
SFX: pushing into locker
boy: beat it loser, we rule this hallway
girl: her sign-in name should be freak
SFX: : Taunting laughter
dad: just clean this house before i really get mad
SFX: laughter
mom: late again? I can only imagine what YOU were up to!
Boy: don't you ever look at other guys. you're mine.
SFX: Whispering
girl: look at her, she thinks she's all that
SFX: falling to the ground noise and laughter
girl: come on, push me back. i dare ya
Dad: I can't believe i raised a daughter like you
mom: Can't you do anything right?
girl: I hear you're after my boyfriend
SFX: Whispering & laughing
SFX: Abrupt crashing noise interrupts audio, echoing like a dropped safe
SFX: Cello note begins and continues under following voice over 'til the end.
ANNCR: Violence is more than just physical. Don't stand by - stand up & reach out. Visit