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Spot#1: Teen boy as victim script
boy: Pssst...hey there he is
SFX: Whispering
boy: Yeah he looks like one alright
Dad: Go after the puck stupid! Go! Go! Go!
girl: Ugh, get away from me
SFX: taunting laughter
Boy: Looks like you're last to get picked again!
mom: How many times do i have to tell you?
SFX: Whispering
boy: Hey, we all heard about you
GIRL: I can't believe that he'd text me
Dad: You are a disgrace to this family
SFX: Chair sliding on floor
Boy: There's no room for losers at this table
SFX: Taunting laughter
mom: Stop acting like a brat and clean your room!
boy: You think your tough? I'll show ya tough!
SFX: Fist smacking on table (with crashing dishes)
dad: He'll end up nowhere with these grades!
SFX: Taunting laughter
girl: None of the girls will ever like you!
boy: Get lost loser!
SFX: Abrupt crashing noise interrupts audio, echoing like a dropped safe
SFX: Cello note begins and continues under following voice over 'til the end.
ANNCR: Violence is more than just physical. Don't stand by - stand up & reach out. Visit